Martial Arts for Kids

Aikido is an exciting and dynamic martial arts for kids of all ages. It is a non-violent and non-aggressive martial art and a great way for children to have fun and stay healthy.

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Boys and girls ages 5 through 10 are welcome to join the children's martial art classes. Children from 10 years old and above are welcome to join our Karate program.

The kids martial arts classes typically start with stretching and warm-up exercises. Children learn how to roll and perform Aikido techniques, including self-defense moves. Games are also played to help children develop their balance and coordination. Belt tests are conducted on a regular basis.

Benefits of martial arts classes for kids

With Aikido martial arts, children learn self-discipline and improve their concentration and self-respect. Aikido also builds awareness, self-confidence, teamwork, and a sense of social and community responsibility. Click here to read more about the benefits of martial arts for kids.

Children's Aikido Class Photos

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