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Aikido FAQ - Getting Started

Read our Aikido Getting Started page and get answers to some of the more frequently asked questions on Aikido.

Martial Arts Class Schedule at Naka Ima

We offer in-person martial arts classes to everyone 10 years old and up. Please check our class schedule for updated class times and email us if you're interested in joining any of our classes.

Naka Ima Karate Club

Naka Ima also offers karate classes to men and women of all ages. Karate classes are taught by Sensei Timothy Mahoney, a Rokudan (6th-degree black belt) in Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate.

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Aikido is an exciting and dynamic martial art where the focus is on effectively blending with your partner's energy in a non-confrontational way. At Naka Ima, we work on developing the physical body through vigorous flowing practice, as well as on calming the inner self through breathing and continued focus on one’s center.

Benefits of the Aikido martial art practice

Aikido is a martial art that can be practised by kids and adults of all ages, and each class offers participants a full body workout that results in overall fitness. Immediate benefits include stress relief, increased flexibility, stamina and strength.

Want to learn more about Aikido?

We welcome you to look through our site, and call us or email us if you have specific questions. You can read our Aikido FAQ page or some of the martial arts articles written by Naka Ima members and instructors, or check out the pictures from our Aikido photo gallery. You can also stop by the martial arts dojo in Toronto to watch or join us for a free trial class.

If you want to find out more about why we practice Aikido, we encourage you to read Sensei Greg's article, "Aikido - Why Do We Practice?"